Grandsphere .. luxury living room on wheels by Audi

revealed Audi has announced its Grandsphere concept cars, a spacious electric sedan that envisions a future where the wealthy will drive around in self-driving cars that look like luxury living spaces.

The company is promoting the Grandsphere as a “private road plane.” While it can’t fly, the German carmaker said it designed the electric car with luxury private travel in mind.

and was designed The Car It is adjustable based on preferred driving style. And if you want to drive itself, the steering wheel and pedals disappear, leaving you in a minimalist room with wood trim and woolen fabrics.

Instead of a screen, the car’s operating system is displayed on the surface of the wooden dashboard under the windshield. And when you’re ready to drive yourself, manual controls appear.

The Grandsphere is Audi’s second concept car in a series of three cars that the German automaker said reinvents mobility as we know it today.

The first concept car was the Skysphere, an electric convertible with an adjustable chassis.

The company uses the term “Sphere” in the names of the experimental cars to symbolize the vehicles’ interior space for drivers and passengers.

The company says it is working with CARIAD, Volkswagen’s parent group software research center, to develop some of the technologies it is demonstrating with the Grandsphere and other concepts.

The automaker believes these features will be ready for consumer cars by the second half of the decade.

Skysphere.. Audi’s self-driving concept car

Grandsphere .. luxury living room on wheels by Audi

Audi sees Level 4 autonomous driving, where a car can drive itself without human intervention under certain conditions, as a way to redefine the car’s interior.

Other car companies, such as BMW, Volvo and Hyundai, have come up with similar ideas to their concepts, with interiors becoming places where we work, eat, sleep and socialize.

The company describes its Grandsphere concept as a first-class lounge with maximum space. The exterior is also supposed to convey similar notes of luxury.

Its elongated shape is unlike most sedans, with a longer wheelbase than the current Audi A8L. The automaker said it was trying to combine the sedan with the four-door GT through its exterior appearance.

The sloping arch of the roofline recalls Audi’s sporting tradition. The company’s next concept is the Urbansphere, which the automaker described as a private space in an urban environment. But this car will not be revealed until 2022.

The concept car represents what the Volkswagen-owned brand believes it can achieve, as it focuses on electric and self-driving cars.

Audi plans to offer exclusively electric cars by 2033 after introducing its last new petrol-engined cars in 2026.

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