Gotham Knights gets a new promotional poster

After the decision to postpone the launch date of the Gotham Knights game to later in 2022 after it was coming to us this year, the game completely disappeared from view, until it returned several days ago and its presence was confirmed during the activities of the upcoming DC FanDome event next October and that the game will be reviewed and perhaps we will get then On time for its official launch.

With the return of the game to life, the developer of the game WB Games returns to the thrill and promotion of Gotham Knights, as today we get a new promotional poster for the game in which we see the heroes of the game, the Batman family consisting of Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin, as well as the Red Hood, and we see during the reflection the Batman logo that we know from the show The game’s former promo said he died and left Gotham in the hands of his lieutenants.

The DC FanDome event will officially launch on October 16, and will see Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League as well as the Gotham Knights.

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