Google search engine officially gets dark mode

Google has officially added dark mode to its desktop search engine, allowing those who prefer to avoid bright web pages to complete their searches while enjoying the gray color.

In May of last year, the company launched the dark mode for search applications across Android and iOS.

according to for page Support, you can make the change by going to Settings, then Search Settings, and then Appearance.

There you can choose dark or bright mode or the default device setting, which automatically follows the PC mode.

And if you don’t see the theme option, you may have to wait a bit. The company says the setup is rolling out over the next few weeks, as it does with many of its updates.

The company has been experimenting with search engine dark mode for a while. It was reported that she was testing this situation in February.

9to5Google also reported that some users have seen another sun hot switch and that a few people have the option to enable the change via the mobile version. Neither of the changes was mentioned in the company’s announcement.

Previously, it was possible to make the search engine work in dark mode using browser plug-ins or using themes via alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo.

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Google search engine officially gets dark mode

If dark mode is set, the gray background appears wherever you’re signed in with your Google account on your computer. Search pages include the Google home page, search results page, and search settings, among others.

You may also get a banner in search results. Upon announcement, the company acknowledged user requests for this feature.

Many of the company’s Android and iOS apps, including the main Google Search app, have been enjoying dark mode for a while.

But the company’s officially making dark mode available as a setting makes it a lot easier for those who don’t want to install an extension or switch search providers.

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