Google Maps Tricks You Didn’t Know Before

Google Maps is one of the most used map applications around the world, because it has a large database that contains all the important places in different countries.

Despite this, a lot of practical Google Maps tricks are anonymous to users, because the app doesn’t advertise them.

So, here are some of the most important Google Maps tricks that make it easier for you to use the application.

Setting more than one goal in the car journey

Everyone uses Google Maps while driving, because the app shows you where the traffic is and the best way to avoid them.

And you can plan your trip and put more than one point and destination in the application without having to close the trip and make a new trip every time.

This method works by telling the app that you plan to go somewhere, but before you get there you want to pass a gas station, a bank, and so on.

The Maps application places these points within your itinerary, and you can do this through the following steps:

When you have determined the final destination on your trip and before you hit the directions button, click on the three dots button at the top.

Then choose Add a place to stop, and search for the place you want to stop at.

You can repeat this step more than once to add more than one stopping place, and then press the directions button.

Use voice commands in Google Maps

The Android app supports voice commands with it, so you can control the app without looking out of the way.

You can use voice commands to add new places on your trip, ask about time left, final destination, and more.

In the iPhone app, you need to tap the microphone icon to be able to use voice commands with Google Maps.

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Measure distances

Through the location version of Google Maps, you can measure the distances between two points that you specify.

This method is useful in knowing the distance without the need to prepare a trip and cancel it to this place.

You can do this via the site version only of Maps, where you need to click with the right mouse button and choose Measure distance.

This point becomes the main point of the distance measurement, and then you click on the other points to which you want to measure the distance.

The map at the bottom shows the distance between the places you’ve measured.

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