Google Chrome tricks to control it better

Google Chrome has a plethora of tricks that users can try and use for various things.

The company is always working on adding new features and new tricks with every new browser update version.

You can use the following set of tricks to better organize and control your work in Google Chrome. However, you must be using the latest version of your browser for these features to work for you.

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Using Groups Tabs in Google Chrome

Many rely on using different tab pages in Google Chrome in order to work in more than one place simultaneously.

Therefore, the company introduced the new tab groups feature, through which you can make more than one group and collect similar pages in it.

You can do this by right-clicking on the tab page and selecting Add to New Group.

Then you choose the group’s name, color, and icon, and the groups are displayed alongside the usual tabs.

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Search tab pages

Many people use the multi-page feature in Google Chrome, so you may find that one browser window has more than ten pages.

The company has launched a feature that allows users to search open pages within a browser window.

In order to reach what you are looking for faster and better, you can access this feature by following the following steps:

Click on the arrow at the end of the window that points down, and then you will find a new menu opened in front of you in which you can type your search word and find it easily.

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direct translation

Google Chrome browser has a special feature that helps users with hearing problems.

This feature displays a direct and live translation of everything that appears in front of you on the screen, even if it is not translated from the source.

Therefore, you can use this feature with YouTube videos or non-subtitled clips to translate them.

You can do this by going to your browser settings and then advanced settings.

And then Settings for Enhanced Access and then Activate Live Subtitles.

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