Google Chrome makes it easy to navigate between search results

announced Google announced three new experiences available in the latest beta version of the Google Chrome browser aimed at making it easier to find things on the web and share text.

And if you want to go to the beta version of the browser to experience these features, you must download it through next link to the computer or through next link for Android device.

As with all beta versions, be careful, as things may not work perfectly.

A new experience in the Android browser allows you to see some search results below the address bar after navigating to a page. In an attempt to facilitate the navigation from one search result to another.

Although you can’t see the full URLs in this additional bar, it seems like it might be a useful way to go to another site without having to go back to the full search results.

You can try this experiment by turning on the #continuous-search tag at chrome://flags.

Another feature of the test allows you to create a simplified image of the text across websites, which may be useful for compiling the text you want to share with your friends or via social media.

This feature is available on Android phones and tablets if you turn on the #webnotes-stylize tag through chrome://flags.

Another new feature adds cards to a new tab page that makes it easy to go back to sites you’ve visited previously provided they’re logged into your browser.

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Google Chrome makes it easy to navigate between search results

In a blog post, the company provides examples of cards for recipe pages, shopping cart, or documents on Google Drive.

Google said: Cards make it easy to visit past activities or tasks. Like planning a meal, shopping for a gift, or working through a document in Google Drive.

And if you want to try it. Enable the #ntp-recipe-tasks-module tag, the #ntp-drive-module tag, or the #ntp-chrome-cart-module tag from chrome://flags on your computer.

Given that these are experiments, there is always the possibility that not all bugs have been resolved yet. Google may decide not to move it beyond the trial phase.

But it could be previews for upcoming features. And if you want to try it early, it is possible via the beta version of the Google Chrome browser.

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