Google brings Material You to a range of its apps

The launch date of the Android operating system 12 is approaching so much that Google has begun to show changes in its applications that reach its side.

through post New, the company showed off a preview of a range of its apps redesigned using the Material You design language. In addition, it showed what it looks like with Dynamic Color via Pixel phones.

The post shows Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet move from Material You to Material You and Material You Dynamic Color.

Material You represents the company’s new design language that is more expressive, adaptive, embracing and more personal. It is also able to integrate dynamic color changes based on phone wallpapers, across at least Pixel phones.

In other words, your apps change their colors according to the color of the wallpaper to give you a more dynamic and personalized look. However, existing color schemes and color-coded file and folder types remain unchanged within the applications.

Other changes you notice in an app updated with Material You are things like updated navigation bars, improved floating action buttons, and use of Google Sans throughout for easier reading.

The company says it’s rolling out Material You for some apps starting now and that you see them in Gmail 2021.08.24, in Meet 2021.09.19, in Drive 2.21.330, in Docs, Sheets and Slides 1.21.342, and in Calendar 2021.37.

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Google brings Material You to a range of its apps

The update comes as part of a larger redesign of Android 12 that includes large bubble buttons, changing colors, smoother animations, and some fixes for built-in apps.

As a result, the company has turned to rounded corners, and the changes are mostly aesthetic. This means that the positions of the buttons and the basic navigation will not change.

And there’s no mention of Google Tasks (which recently got a different update), Keep or Chat (a more complex redesign). These upcoming updates join Google Camera, Calculator, Clock, Contacts, and Files.

The company said: To expand our existing accessibility support. Material You automatically adjusts contrast, size, and font width based on user preferences and application context.

Furthermore, all design changes are available for both personal Google accounts and Google Workspace clients.

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