Google bans monetization for climate change denial content

Google will no longer allow advertisers, publishers and YouTube content creators to monetize content that denies the existence of climate change. The company detailed the changes in a document the support.

“We are announcing a new monetization policy for Google advertisers, publishers, and YouTube creators that prohibits ads for content that goes against the established scientific consensus about the existence and causes of climate change,” the company said.

“This includes content referring to climate change as a hoax or fraud, claims denying that long-term trends show that the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change.”

The company explains that it uses a combination of automated tools and human reviews to enforce the policy. “When evaluating content under this new policy, we carefully consider the context in which the allegations are made, and differentiate between content that states a false claim as fact, versus content that reports or discusses that claim,” she said.

Ads remain available on climate topics such as public debates on climate policy, the disparate impacts of climate change, new research, and more.

The increased action against climate change deniers marks the second major change in the company’s misinformation policy in recent days. The new measures arrived about a week after YouTube banned misinformation about vaccines.

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Google bans monetization of content that denies the existence of climate change

Policy implementation begins next month. This comes on the heels of new features announced by the search giant aimed at helping people reduce their carbon footprint.

Working closely with external experts, we regularly review and update our advertising and monetization policies to help ensure a safe brand environment for our advertising partners and to better protect users from unreliable claims, such as bogus medical treatments or anti-vaccine advocacy.

Advertisers do not want their ads to appear next to content that makes or promotes inaccurate claims about climate change. Publishers and content creators do not want ads promoting these claims to appear on their pages or videos.

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