Google: Android 12 a few weeks away

Launched Google says it is the fifth and final beta version of Android 12, adding that the official release of the full Android 12 operating system is only a few weeks away.

The new beta is also the first version that Pixel 5A owners can install.

People using the beta version are unlikely to notice much of a difference, as its focus is on getting developers ready for the imminent official Android 12 release, rather than adding new features.

But, for those who got the latest Google phones, there is now a chance to see how this version is before its official release – and without much risk, as the beta version has entered the stage of platform stability.

The Pixel 5A was launched in late August, and the beta version is not officially available on it yet.

Although the phone’s release was limited, as it is sold in the United States and Japan, anyone who owns it can now try the new version of Android before it is officially released.

For this specific release, this experience may be helpful. Android 12 marks a major UI redesign (at least across Pixel devices) with a new theme system, new widget system, and a different location for smart home controls and Google Pay.

Although the official release of the operating system is imminent. But the time you are able to install it depends on your phone manufacturer.

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Google: Android 12 a few weeks away

Some of the notable additions are the engineering clock widgets, a redesigned calculator, and a new lock screen shortcut.

The watch app also got some tweaks with an updated design, new animations and colors to match your phone theme.

It also brings a new custom design language from Google called Material You to the calculator app with pastel colors.

And the lock screen contains a new shortcut to control the device. Which allows you to control smart home devices with the click of a button by simply waking up your phone screen.

Device controls have been moved from the Android 11 playlist to the quick settings drawer. But the controls are now available in another, more convenient location. The button joins the Google Wallet shortcut that appeared on the lock screen in the second beta.

Pixel owners who are running the beta version can now access a new and improved search bar.

And no matter what you type, the bar displays the matching settings and contacts, as well as the app and Google results the bar brings.

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