God of War director Ragnarok talks about taking the helm from Cory Barlog

The game God of War, which was released in 2018, caused a lot of media hype for its success in reviving the series under the leadership of the famous director Cory Barlog, who will not return to play his role in the new part God of War Ragnarok, but will lead the project Eric Williams.

The two sat with us in a new interview in which they talked about this transition in the leadership face, and Williams confirmed that he has long experience working on the series and has previous experiences with Barlog and series creator David Jaffe and also with Todd Papy in different roles, so now when he returns to direct the series again, he will He benefits from his experience and expertise and assures that he will respect the work that was done previously and does not want to be the director who caused the deviation from the right track, but rather he will make every effort to raise the game to the required level.

As for Cory Barlog, for him the new game is in good hands. Director Williams is an old friend of his and there is an old relationship between them and they can talk honestly about important work topics like these even if they are critical words, and he praised his role in achieving the 2018 game and pushed the team to give their best, and confirms Before taking the helm, he sat with him at length to talk about his outlook on the new sequel and made sure he understood the stories and ideas that had been made previously, and when Barlog felt confident that Williams had absorbed it all, it became clear to him that the game was in good hands.

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