God of War and More PlayStation Exclusives Coming to PC

New leaks have appeared Reddit From an analysis of game streaming service data GeForce Now A subsidiary of Nvidia, which revealed many games on its way to the PC because the way it works depends on broadcasting games found in computer stores such as Epic Games Store and Steam.

The famous God of War game from 2018, as well as many other PlayStation exclusives such as Demon Souls and Returnal remake, appear to be released for the PC, it seems.

God of War, and a couple other titles, appear in the latest Nvidia leak.

And again, the Grand Theft Auto Remastered trilogy has been spotted, which is expected to re-release the three most famous classic games of the series in a new look, and its presence here means that it will undoubtedly come to the PC if the leaks are true.

So far, we have not received any official comments from any official party to document this information, and this possibility remains that it will be completely denied.

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