Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie review

This is a no-burn preview for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which hits theaters on November 19.

Before showing a movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife To critics, director Jason Reitman released a video message that said: This is a family movie about a family. And this is very true, which makes the latest movie in a movie series Ghostbusters It looks distinct. Reitman also encouraged viewers to keep secrets Afterlife. It’s one of those movies that will terrify and inspire you, if you let it. In an age of remakes, reboots, and repetition, this film manages to strike a balance by walking the line between pleasing original fans and creating something new for a new audience.

As you’ll realize from watching the movie’s trailers, it tells the story of a single mother, Callie (Carrie Coon), who struggles with her life in the absence of her father, and after his death inherits his rural ranch in Summerville, Oklahoma. This provides a welcome respite, as her family struggles with instability. So she reunites her life and her two children, Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (McKenna Grace) and moves to the country. This family is distinguished by a harmony among its members that we rarely see in movie families. It’s the glue that holds the film together and is indicative of one of its greatest strengths: its brilliant casting. Kun shines with her usual charismatic performance as a mother of two who can’t relate to her isolated daughter. Wolfhard departs from the character we are used to in his performance in the series Stranger Things By introducing the classic confident big brother role. But Grace excels at both of them.

It’s her movie. Where Phoebe delivers a humorous and eccentric performance unabashedly as her. Just like her roles in The Haunting of Hill House And Captain Marvel And Annabelle Comes HomeGrace’s performance looks very natural. There are no attempts to imitate her grandfather’s behavior in the movie (Egon Spengler, played by Harold Ramis). Instead, Phoebe is all her own, and she’s absolutely adorable. It’s a movie about this young girl finding herself through an unexpected connection with her family, so it’s important for Grace to carry the weight of this lead role as well. But that doesn’t mean this is a family melodrama, so if you’re worried that the movie’s releases suggest it’s devoid of emotion, don’t worry. Where Reitman and his co-author Jill Keenan wrote a witty, suspenseful, and excellent screenplay that will keep you entertained all the time.

Another strength of the film is the strong cast, which is full of talent and unexpected actors. Pokeman Woodbine appears as the local mayor, and Paul Rudd plays the most similar role to Gary Groberson, a summer school teacher. There are some other new faces too, but we won’t spoil those surprises. The real heart of the cast is the new, young cast. Phoebe soon befriends a podcaster (Logan Kim), who is the cutest. It’s a very meticulous and beautifully done role, it’s fun to watch this boy on screen, and Kim proves he has a new comedic talent. His scenes with Grace are one of the best scenes we see in the movie and provide some of the biggest laughs in it. They are joined by the darling of Trevor Lucky (Celestie O’Connor), who strays from the typical mean-girl role of older, and takes on the role of the smart, generous, adventurous friend the crew desperately needs.

From the moment the family entered Summerville, it was clear that something had happened. Don’t get it wrong, this is a movie Ghostbusters completely, so there are a lot of supernatural details. so that Afterlife It draws well from the first two films by starting with a major paranormal moment before setting the stage for the story. And those terrifying fears look good. AndThe movie uses a lot of practical effects Instead of using computer animation, which is an exciting option and fits in with the movie’s nostalgic summer vibe. There is even a scene showing a famous monster in Ghostbusters He was teased with a teaser that I think was brought to life by a real doll or at least using a flag Animatronics (A field that combines anatomy, robotics, mechanics and kinematics, and the art of puppetry)… In 2021! The film’s summer vacation adventure is enhanced by Rob Simonsen’s captivating background music, which has a touch of John Williams influence and almost shines as Phoebe explores her new home and discovers its secrets.

These secrets are very deep and are the heart and core of this film. It’s a movie about family, forgiveness, and saving the world, but in the process it also offers a lot of mysteries, mysteries, and haunted things. In this way, it brings us back Afterlife To the era of the movie The Goonies But with a modern twist. As the ghost hunters try to save their town and themselves, there are plenty of hidden surprises that can make an adult man like me cry nostalgia. But even those who haven’t seen a movie Ghostbusters Before, they will still experience a very fun ride, filled with unique creatures, fantastic excitement and more.

The third and loud chapter of the movie Afterlife Not only will it make viewers cry, but it will likely make them argue about several key moments. For me personally, the movie was worth every minute of it. And be sure to wait for the after-screening scenes…yes, there are two that you can’t miss.

– Translated by Dima Muhanna

Director Jason Reitman manages to make his dad (former film director) and fans proud of him with this creepy, funny, and cute family movie that takes pride in the Ghostbusters legacy, while offering something new and exciting. Helped by the fact that McKenna Grace has a once-in-a-generation talent, her charming, realistic performance forms the heart of this truly touching film. Get ready to fall in love with Ghostbusters all over again.

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