Get free monkey hat in roblox

ROBLOX recently added a free gift for Amazon tablet users, and this gift comes in the form of a free monkey hat.

This free gift has become the talk of the hour for all Roblox users, and everyone wants to get it, especially since you can only get it through a Roblox account linked to an Amazon tablet.

But there is a way that allows you to get free monkey hat in roblox, by following it and using google chrome browser.

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Steps to Get Free Monkey Hat in Roblox

You can follow the below steps to get a hat, but it should be performed via Google Chrome browser only:

Head to the Chrome extension store, and then search for an extension User Agent Switcher for chrome.

Install this extension in the browser and make it easy to access via the button, and this extension is considered safe because it is designed by Google.

Then use the extension to convert your Google Chrome browser to Android Kitkat.

The plus sign has changed and has an AND symbol to confirm that you are using Android now.

Then head over to the ROBLOX Add-ons Store, and find all the free gifts and add-ons.

And you don’t have to choose the Monkey Hat now, but choose any free piece and right-click on the get it button and choose Check Code.

Get free monkey hat in roblox

After that, a window will appear in front of you to check and modify the code, and then copy the following values ​​and put them in place of the ones in the code.


Get free monkey hat in roblox

Then go back to the main page of the store and hit the Get Widget button.

You find that the piece whose symbol you modified has become the shape of a monkey’s hat, but the name of the old pieces is still there.

You can use the new widget directly by managing in-game resources through the Roblox Store.

This method relies on a loophole found in the official Roblox store, so the company may close the loophole at any time.

There is no risk to your account from using this loophole, so if you want to get the monkey hat, don’t delay in using the loophole.

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