Get alerts when AirTags are left

Apple introduced its AirTags a while ago, after a lot of rumors and delays for this device.

AirTags works in a similar way to all wireless trackers that you put with your things so you don’t lose them, and it’s not the first device of its kind in general, as it was introduced by many companies before that, such as Tile or Samsung.

But AirTags has the advantage of being directly connected to the Apple network known as Find My, and it helps you find all the devices connected to your iCloud account.

So you don’t need to use a separate app or network to find your AirTags, you can access them on your phone.

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Activate alerts when AirTags are left

Apple has added a new feature to its Find My network devices that sends alerts for your items if you leave them behind.

This means that when you leave your AirTags away or your AirPods, the phone sends you an alert to leave the device.

This is so that you can go back and look for it better or pay attention to it and get it back before you go too far.

You can activate this feature by following these steps:

Head to the Find My app, tap My Stuff, and then tap AirTags.

Scroll down the list to find an option called “Alert when I leave it far away.” You need to activate this option to receive alerts.

And you can add a set of safe places where you can leave your devices without fearing them, where you can make the home a safe area or work and so on.

This is so that you do not receive alerts that you left things when you did not need them or deliberately left them at home, for example.

Find My network uses

The Find My network is one of the strongest features of the iPhone and the entire Apple ecosystem, because it works with devices even if they are closed.

By using the Find My feature, you can also completely turn off your phone and prevent the thief from using it without having the device next to you.

Apple has updated it with iOS 15, so that it works continuously without the need to open the device or connect it to the Internet.

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