Genshin Impact brings in $2 billion in revenue via smartphones

In September 2020, Genshin Impact was officially available on PS4 and PC, as well as iOS and Android smartphones, and unlike the positive reviews the game got, it achieved great success in terms of sales and was the major credit for the game’s version on smartphone devices.

where revealed Sensor Tower Report The last is that the game Genshin Impact managed to reach $2 billion in revenue during its first year across iOS and Android devices. According to the report, this makes Genshin Impact currently the third most financially successful game across smartphone devices, with only Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile generating more revenue in that period.

The point worth noting is the fact that these strong sales are only on mobile devices, adding the number of players on PC and PlayStation platforms, Genshin Impact revenue will be slightly more than the number mentioned above, due to the fact that Genshin Impact relies heavily on financial transactions in order to buy and receive On in-game characters.

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