Fujifilm announces the new GFX 50S II camera

Fujifilm has announced a slew of new devices, including several cameras and lenses for both the GFX and X systems.

and represent GFX 50S II The newest addition to the GFX family of cameras is the company’s newest mid-size camera.

And retailing for $3,999 for the body, it’s the company’s cheapest GFX entry camera to date.

For comparison, the GFX 100S costs $5,999, while the GFX 50S still costs $5,499. So a dip below $4,000 could mean big things for the lineup.

And the GFX 50S II has a 51.4MP sensor that is 1.7 times larger than what you get in a full-frame camera like the Sony A7 III.

There’s 5-axis in-body image stabilization, improved autofocus, and a body the same size as the GFX 100S.

And with the inclusion of in-body image stabilization, the company says the GFX 50S II offers new opportunities in the way conventional mid-size digital cameras are used. This is given that you have more room to shoot with it by hand rather than keeping it mounted on a tripod.

The GFX 50S II features faster and more accurate autofocus than its predecessor thanks to the inclusion of the latest X-Processor 4.

However, one trade-off with this sensor is that it relies on contrast-detection autofocus rather than the more capable phase-detection approach on the GFX 100S and many of the company’s other cameras.

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Fujifilm announces the new GFX 50S II camera

Since the body style closely matches the GFX 100S, the same goes for the camera dials and controls, which are essentially identical between the two.

The camera has a DSLR-style PASM dial, as well as a 1.8-inch monochrome screen on top of the camera. That lets you take a look at the current shooting settings..

The main 3.2-inch LCD screen tilts in three directions for high- and low-angle shooting.

The camera offers 19 emulations of the company’s signature films, including “Nostalgia” that debuted in the GFX 100S.

There’s also a “Pixel Shift Multi Shot” mode that the company introduced at the end of last year which combines 16 RAW images into a high-resolution 200MP DNG file.

The company is also selling the camera as a kit with a new 35-70mm lens for $4,499. It is expected to be available in late October.

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