Forspoken will witness many types of magic and will offer different types of gameplay

During the Square Enix Presents event last March, Forspoken, previously known as Project Athena, was officially revealed, and the company stated that the game is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC later in 2022. Since then, the game has not received details or even offers We were excited about it, but today, during the TGS 2021 event, we watch Creative Director Raio Mitsuno, along with co-director Takefumi Terada, who give us new details about the game’s heroine, Frey, her companion in the new world Cuff, and the magic that can be practiced.

At first, we got to know more about the New York City heroine, Frey Holland, before she moved to “Athens.” Frey is described as somewhat immature, and tends to mistrust the entire world, and that she hides her weakness and fear in a way of irony. When Frey arrives in the magical world, the Cuff charm bracelet, which can talk as well, merges with her, and although we do not get the details of this bracelet, his main task is to guide Frey Holland on her magical journey.

The duo moved to talk a little bit about the style of play and the fighting system of the game, and that the development team can determine the number of types of magic in the game, but there will be many that give diversity to the style of play, to provide different experiences for players, and while some are looking for a choice Just one style, the gameplay and combat system will encourage them to try different genres.

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