Foldable phones may have endurance in the future

Foldable phones provided an excellent vision of the future, with the integration of the concept of smartphones with the concept of the tablet, and simply, these devices can offer its user the capabilities of a regular smartphone, and the capabilities of a tablet, with the ability to put it all in his pocket naturally.

In general, foldable phones are more eye-catching, so they are attractive phones for discerning lovers. However, foldable phones have suffered from a major problem since their inception, which is reliability and endurance.

Samsung’s foldable phones this year have made significant improvements, as they have become more durable, and are able to be folded and unfolded for more times. It has also become water resistant. However, foldable screens remain more susceptible to scratches, while their hinges are still not sufficiently dust-resistant.

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Despite the improvement in these phones, as mentioned above, in addition to their support for a larger segment of protection covers and screen protection layers, their owners are still struggling with reliability levels.

But on the other hand, foldable phones may be able to completely solve all reliability problems in the future, and this is in more ways than one.

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Reliability of foldable phones

Foldable phones come in more than one form. However, one of the prominent shapes was the shape of the “shell”. Which we saw in the Galaxy Z Flip phones. Perhaps this shape or this model is the most reliable of all, and the main reason for this is that the screen is not exposed to external factors.

On the other hand, many statistics have revealed an important point. And it is that phones in general break due to inadvertently falling from their user. That is, it is rare for someone to break their phone during use.

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In theory, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be more durable than another traditional phone. This is because when it falls inadvertently from its user, it will fall while being folded. This protects the internal screen completely. The same principle can be used in other phones.

Some argue that these factors may prompt companies to change the design a bit. If we talk about Samsung, it may abandon the external screen in phones such as the Galaxy Z Fold, since it is vulnerable to breakage when the phone is dropped even if it is folded.

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Perhaps the most threatening issues with reliability today are the hinges and dust resistance. But things may change when both Apple and Google enter the competition in this market.

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