Fix the most common problems in Mac system

although System Macs don’t have many operating problems, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

This is because any operating system is subject to various unexpected problems or software errors due to the different usage of the system from one user to another.

The method for solving Mac system problems varies according to the problem and its cause, as it may occur due to the system or because of an application or a terminal that was recently connected to the device.

Therefore, here are a set of solutions to the most important problems facing Mac computers.

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The system is not working normally

This problem is considered one of the most common problems that Mac users encounter, as the system starts behaving strangely and slower than usual.

You can solve this problem through several steps, including:

  • Ensure that there is enough space to run the system, as the system will not work well or as expected if there is not enough space for it
  • Reboot the device, and the devices need to be restarted infrequently.
  • Compatibility issues with your computer. This problem is encountered if you are using a slightly old Mac computer with poor specifications.
  • Incompatible applications, and this problem is considered one of the most important problems facing modern systems, as some applications are not compatible with them and cause many problems during operation.

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How to solve most problems that you may encounter with your computer

If you’re experiencing an issue that we didn’t mention above, there are some steps you can take to try to fix the issue.

  1. Reboot the system, and restarting the system solves most of the problems facing Apple devices, so you should try it first
  2. Update the operating system, as some problems are general and repetitive for many users, so Apple releases general updates for it.
  3. Restart your device’s PRAM, which is where the system stores temporary commands.
  4. Revert to an older system backup, to avoid problems caused by tampering with the system or applications.
  5. Delete the apps you installed recently, to avoid compatibility issues and malicious apps.

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