First-party games will never be available on PC at the same time on PlayStation

The exit of PlayStation games from the framework of exclusivity has become a familiar phenomenon in the past months, but despite that, former platform president Shawn Layden does not believe that this will change Sony’s strategy, which always puts its platforms in priority.

In a new interview, reported by VGC, he stated his firm belief that Sony will most likely not release exclusive platform games from (its) first-party studios on PC on the same date and date as they are launched for PlayStation platforms.

There is a compelling reason for this, as in his opinion, the company follows this strategy so that it can convince players via computers to buy the PlayStation platform so that they can experience the new exclusives as soon as they are launched in the market instead of waiting for a year or more so that they can try it on the computers, and in his opinion this strategy will not affect the The sales force of games on the PlayStation due to a large time difference between them and their release on the PC.

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