First impressions of Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Go back to World War II with Call of Duty: Vanguard. While there are many opportunities yet to be explored in terms of campaign mode, I had no expectations of what multiplayer would be like there. Will he be able to offer something more innovative than what we got with Black Ops Cold War Despite the general atmosphere of the game? Would adding the destructible environment be helpful? And a lot of other questions. But I got an early look at the multiplayer mode in Vanguard than providing a little deeper insight into all of this. We played about two hours with a mix of players PS5 And the computer, and we got a mixed bag of impressions as soon as I turned off my device PS5.

We played classic modes Team Deathmatch And Domination And Kill Confirmed And in addition to a new mode called Patrol. and presents Patrol A touch of change is in progress Domination It challenges two teams to seize a slowly moving area. The team that has at least one player in the area earns points. And similarly to DominationIf the opposing players are in the zone, it remains in dispute and no one gets points. And whenever I pick up my console to play Vanguard After that, I do not intend to voluntarily run this mode again. He seemed a little foolish. As the capture point moved around the map, it was as if we were handing over the area whenever it was close enough to the revival area (spawn) of opponents. Drifting slowly around the map in this way wasn’t a fun or exciting improvement over the existing grab-and-go objective modes.

Then, collect Patrol With the pace of the battles of the Blitz And things will get completely messy. And that’s not necessarily fun either. The three battle tempo filters work Tactical And Assault And Blitz To change the number of players in a match. Supposed to present Tactical Fewer players, while paying Blitz The number of players to the max. We played 24 against 24 on a fairly large map called Red Star. In one match, a good number of people on my team seemed to get tired of trying to follow the small circle around the map and started flanking to gain Killstreaks top (goodbye Scorestreaks). This is not a bad tactic, and I used it myself when going after territory meant sacrificing yourself for minimal rewards. All these other people get Killstreaks While I’m throwing myself into the area? no thanks. On the positive side, however, the reappearance (respawning) It was fast. But this is still a game Call of DutySo the kill time is very fast too.

He was Blitz More fun with mode Kill Confirmed. where the signs were (Tags) everywhere, and the killstreaks It was plentiful, and according to the map, skilled players were rewarded with tactics run-and-gun With great rewards. We played mode Blitz Kill Confirmed On Hotel Royal, a distinctive night map located on the roof of a hotel. And with 12v12 and plenty of tight inside corners, the submachine guns were great. The roof was open to those who preferred assault rifles. I switched frequently between both weapons and enjoyed doing so. Unfortunately, these impressions events don’t provide much time to test a wide range of weapons, but I was surprised by the rate of fire and limited magazines of their select light machine guns. Had the basic assault rifle STG44 Unexpectedly higher rate of fire as well.

If you are interested in snipers, the map Gavutu perfect for you. As for the others? Perhaps the answer is no. The small rainy map is divided into two parts, one with a large ship fitted with an efficient winch to raise or lower an invalid tank between platforms, and the other being a long stretch of shore and boulders. Don’t want to deal with snipers? Go to the boat. Usually I don’t mind using snipers, but the proximity of the emergence area to the sniper areas prevented me from trying too much.

“Interactive play environments” or destructible items were more visible in Hotel Royal And Eagle’s Nest Since it included the most prominent interior areas. This is a new addition that is more than useful. a map Eagle’s Nest It is a building on top of a mountain with three lanes, one of which is located in the building. I liked this map enough, except for that time the care package rolled off the mountain. Watch out for that.

One of the problems of Killstreak The other one I encountered was with Attack Dogs. After 10 kills, a group of attack dogs can be summoned. The problem is that I often had no idea who the dogs were. There’s an audible callout if the enemy summons them, but it’s easy to miss. Also if the dogs summoned one of my mates, then I couldn’t tell which one belonged to whom until I realized that one of them was running towards me. The breed of dog changes depending on which side you’re playing with, but that’s not exactly something you’ve always managed to remember nor is it evident in the menus. The sound in general was also low. but revealed Sledgehammer That there are some issues with vision, sounds, reanimation, and some other issues that will be dealt with before the September 10 beta. At this point I’m more interested in the campaign than I’m in multiplayer, but with 20 maps available at launch, I hope to enjoy more multiplayer in the game. Vanguard in its full version.

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