Firefox’s address bar now contains ads

The Mozilla Foundation has introduced a new Firefox Suggest search results feature in the Firefox browser address bar as part of Issuance 93.0.

Firefox Suggest is Mozilla’s feature to browse relevant information and websites to help you achieve your goals. The suggestions are similar to most browsers.

But as the reports on the company’s support pages spot, they also include content from paid advertisers. AndThe support post says: When you enable contextual suggestions, Firefox Suggest uses your city location and search keywords to provide contextual suggestions from Firefox and our partners, keeping your privacy in mind.

Relevant suggestions from trusted partners appear at the bottom of the usual search suggestions pulled from bookmarks, browser history, and open tabs, and it’s a less intrusive version of a search ad, but technically still an ad.

according to support pageFirefox Suggest does not require any new data to be collected, stored, or shared to make these new recommendations, and the company works with partners that meet Mozilla’s privacy standards for Firefox.

The feature has also been working since at least the previous version 92.0, although it first appeared in the release notes for the current release.

After updating to the latest browser version, Firefox may present you with a popup asking if you want to enable contextual suggestions or adjust your settings.

And if you accidentally enable any of the Firefox Suggest features without realizing it, you can still disable them.

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Stumbled Firefox usage share is causing a problem

Firefox is a popular alternative to browsers like Google Chrome. This is because it is more strict about users’ privacy and generally less data consuming.

And if you trust the Mozilla Foundation and want to support it, the Firefox Suggest feature may not be much of a nuisance. Nor is it the first time the company has been involved in advertising. In 2018, it included paid advertiser links and Pocket Suggestions for reading articles in new tabs.

Although Mozilla’s motto is “The Internet is for people, not for profit.” But the company’s need to finance all its projects sometimes compels it to adopt different options for this.

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