Firefox adds support for password autofill on Android

happened Firefox for Android supports password auto-fill, and the Mozilla Foundation browser is one of the best web browsers for Android, as it offers a lot of useful features that make it an alternative to Google Chrome.

The feature is being rolled out with version 93 of the browser for Android, and gives you quick access to passwords saved in the browser.

It is quite normal to forget complex passwords for multiple different accounts. This results in many Internet users setting simple, easy-to-guess passwords across websites, or using the same password across multiple websites.

And Mozilla wants to prevent this by giving you a built-in password manager to store and secure all your passwords using your biometrics.

Although this is nothing new. But Firefox goes a step further by letting you autofill passwords in third-party apps as well.

And while multiple browsers can store your passwords, you are limited to using these saved passwords within the browser itself.

Firefox removes this limitation with its latest update, which means that it can act as a system-wide password manager.

When it asks you to enter a password, a drop-down menu appears where you can choose Firefox as an option, after which the saved password for that service is automatically filled in.

And there’s a new setting for Autofill in other apps that you need to enable. And that’s through settings and then logins and passwords to access this feature.

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Firefox keeps your password

When you create an account via any website via your smartphone, the browser gives you the option to store the password for that account within your device.

You can then enter the saved password when you want to log in next time. You can also use stored passwords to log into corresponding applications without the need for a dedicated password manager application.

For example, if you store your Instagram password via a browser, you get an option to automatically fill in the saved password when you try to sign in via the Instagram app on your phone.

Your passwords are protected by your biometrics. This initiative is useful from Mozilla as users who do not wish to have a dedicated password manager can still store their passwords securely. The feature rolls out to users with version 93 of the browser.

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