FIFA gets $1 billion from EA every four years for the name

Over the past few days, we have conveyed to you EA’s statements that it is considering changing the name of its famous FIFA series to a new name, and that the topic is under discussion during the last period. After the company’s statements, we got a report that EA has registered a new trademark in the UK and also the European Union titled EA Sports FC, and that it may be the new name for the famous FIFA series. Now we know why EA wants to change the name to a new title.

According to a report The famous New York Times, reported a dispute between EA, publisher of the popular FIFA series, and FIFA, reportedly over EA’s new cost to use the FIFA brand and name.

According to the report, FIFA wants to get $1 billion from EA every four years in order to use the name licensing in its popular series, in addition, FIFA wants to limit EA monetization of the game, and FIFA wants to limit EA’s opportunities. To earn from purchasable in-game items.

And it seems likely that there will be a decision by the end of the year, and perhaps FIFA 22, which was available in early October, will be the last EA title to bear the FIFA name officially, and that the series will now switch to EA Sports FC.

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