Features of the new office applications from Apple

Apple has a set of office applications that enable you to dispense with Microsoft or Google Drive office applications, which are exclusive to Apple devices and the iCloud service.

Apple has updated its office applications, which come under the name iWork after the launch of iOS 15, to be compatible with the system.

You can use and access office applications on any Apple device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.

New updates to Apple’s Keynote app

Keynote is an alternative to Google’s PowerPoint or Slides applications, with which you can create presentations for various work or lessons.

The application has received a number of updates, including:

  • Front camera live streaming so you can appear alongside your shows.
  • Supporting live broadcasting via more than one external camera so that you can present the show with more than one person.
  • The ability to present the presentation by more than one person to allow users to take roles during the presentation of the presentation automatically.
  • New presentation controls to allow you to easily access keyboard shortcuts and other functions.
  • New graphic forms to enable you to display information in a better way
  • Drag and drop feature to copy photos and texts between different Apple apps in iOS 15
  • Facilitate sharing of presentations across users in the presentation.
  • Simultaneous translation of any text you select, and then add that text to your presentation.
  • Audio graphs to facilitate sharing of presentations with visually impaired.

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Pages app updates

The Pages application works as an alternative to the Word or Docs application from Google, through which you can write large documents, add various elements to them, and edit them on your phone or iPad easily.

The most important updates to the application were as follows:

  • Improve the display of documents on the iPhone screen to make them easier to read
  • Improving the display and publication of books through the application, and the improvement of the feature of displaying two pages next to each other.
  • Added a quick edit bar that allows you to edit texts quickly.
  • Drag and drop feature between different Apple applications for various images and texts.
  • Add the instant translation feature so you can translate texts, and then add the translated text directly to the document

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Apple Numbers app updates

The Numbers application comes as an alternative to the Excel and Sheets application from Google, and this means that it can deal with numbers and tables with the same ease and smoothness.

The application has received several new updates, including:

  • Use pivot tables easily and quickly
  • Summarize pivot tables and rearrange data in them
  • Use equations faster with pivot tables
  • Easily import pivot tables from other data applications.
  • Added a new set of graphs in order to improve the way the data is presented.
  • Improved data cleaning feature so that you can access your data easily and quickly.

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