Far Cry 7 design will focus more on multiplayer

An interesting new report has been released from the coverage Axios He claims a new strategy that Ubisoft will take in developing the next Far Cry title, which is likely to be the next major Far Cry 7.

As the report claims from its own sources that the next game will focus more on a multiplayer online gaming experience and that this requires changes in the way missions are created and the general direction of the game.

A similar report was issued by the journalist Jason Schreier at the beginning of this year about the series’ move towards a purely online experience in the seventh part.

This information is inaccurate because it comes from obscure sources and therefore may be confusing and does not necessarily mean the next main part of the series literally, even if it is true. Rather, it is possible to see for this series what we saw previously in other company games such as Ghost Recon, which received a completely new title dedicated to the online Or Assassin’s Creed, which saw an online service to support the series in the long run as well.

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