Fallout Worlds Update and Fallout 76 Season 6 Released

Bethesda has previously announced the plan to postpone the Fallout Worlds update with the new season due to a technical glitch, but it seems that it has retracted the decision to postpone and has already launched the update for Fallout 76 in conjunction with the launch of the sixth season.

The big update adds new ways to play Fallout 76 with many new features, as we talked in the previous article about all the details of the update.

A whole new world.

As for the new season, it has already been launched, but the company has stopped the purchase feature to upgrade the level due to the aforementioned technical glitch, and the company promises to disclose the plan to return this purchase feature as soon as the treatment of the technical problem is completed.

And to apologize for the confusion about the launch date of the new season, it will be launched with special events starting today and ending on September 13.

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