Fall Guys may try to revive an idea that was scrapped after the success of the Squid Game

Fall Guys is one of the most famous battle royale games in the recent period, and soon you may receive a new gaming experience from an idea that was previously canceled, but the developer was convinced to rework it after the great success of the Squid Game series.

Red Light.  Green Light.

Developer Devolver Digital spoke about this in an interview with Techradar In it, he revealed the difficulties of creating new playing models and that many ideas for stages in the game have been canceled compared to the stages that reached the final version of the game, but among the canceled stages there is a specific stage that the developer feels the desire to return to the game, which offers a similar game idea to what we saw in the series .

And the developer explained that it was an unfinished idea at the time and did not complete the work on it above it. He did not find a solution to how to apply it correctly within a video game, because the player can simply put the console aside to make his character stop moving, unlike the difficulty of doing so on the ground, and for this the developer believed The idea will not be fun for the players and it will not be a successful experience within the game, and therefore he decided to cancel it, until today we witnessed the great admiration for the idea of ​​the series.

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