Facebook slows down the development of new products and features

Facebook is slowing the release and development of some new products and features to make sure they won’t bring more scrutiny toward the company or hurt kids, according to a report. to report Published by The Wall Street Journal.

The “reputational reviews” come as the company faces a backlash from the public and policy makers after a wave of… Reports She points to her own research showing the ways Instagram can have a negative impact on the mental health of teenage girls.

The company has also been criticized in congressional hearings by whistleblower Frances Hoggin, which shed more light on the company’s internal research, as well as its business model and algorithms.

And some of the company’s recent public actions and statements support the idea that it’s getting more cautious now. In late September, the company announced that it was temporarily halting work on an Instagram version created for pre-teens, citing the concerns. Including those raised by Wall Street Journal reports that the public had regarding the project.

In a new blog post in response to the whistleblower’s testimony to Congress, Mark Zuckerberg said company leaders are diving deep into its current work to get a clearer picture of how it attempts to make important contributions across safety, integrity, research and product.

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Facebook addresses negative feedback from whistleblowers

The company has also disputed recent reports about it and against Francis Huggin’s claims. In the blog post, Zuckerberg called parts of her testimony inconsequential and said the Wall Street Journal reports mischaracterized Facebook’s search (echoing Adam Mosseri’s comments).

The company also claimed to have banned a group of researchers regarding ad transparency and misinformation from accessing its platform. This is because they collected the data incorrectly. A justification that the Federal Trade Commission has described as inaccurate.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Facebook is examining its own internal research, which could be harmful if it made its way to the public. According to some newspaper sources.

This is consistent with a recent report from the New York Times. Which indicated that the company’s legal team had contacted a researcher about an earlier report. And that the team manager told another researcher not to run any inquiries that might look suspicious.

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