Facebook knows it hurts people

All eyes turned to Facebook and its CEO after former project manager Frances Haugen revealed that she was the leaker of secret Facebook files in the previous days, known as Facebook Files, and published on Wall Street.

The ex-project manager, Francis Haugen, has shown strong discontent with Facebook’s behavior and products. The House of Representatives’ committee demanded to intervene in the matter to limit the “disaster” caused by the company’s products to users.

Haugen said in more than one way and more than once, explaining that the company places profits and growth as a top priority. And they feel free to place profits over users’ safety and mental health.

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Besides, Haugen explained, Facebook knows it’s actually hurting people. Because the platform’s algorithms depend on exporting the content that results in the largest possible user interaction, regardless of the quality of this content. In many cases, this content is harmful.

Haugen believes that Mark Zuckerberg bears full responsibility for these behaviors. She also mentioned that Facebook’s algorithms might lead young users to content related to anorexia, for example, rather than to content featuring unique recipes.

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Facebook knows it hurts people

Haugen officially stated, after her identity was revealed, that what she saw while working at the company was far more horrible than any behavior she had observed while working in major companies before. That’s because she has worked for companies like Google, Yelp, and Pinterest.

She made it public that she took tens of thousands of internal company documents with her before she resigned in May. In her official statements, she stated that there is a permanent conflict within Facebook, which revolves around two factors, namely digital security on the one hand, and profits on the other. But each time the company was inclined to guarantee profits.

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Haugen also made a very serious statement. She stated that she did the right thing even though she was confident that the company would use its unlimited resources to “eliminate” her. She stated that she took these steps because no one outside the company knew what was really going on inside, including governments.

Perhaps the biggest motivation for Haugen’s leak of this data was the company’s dissolution of the internal civil safety team after the end of the 2020 elections in the United States of America. Subsequently, 75% of that team left for other positions or left the company entirely.

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