Facebook is excited to announce the smart glasses on September 9

Facebook and Ray Ban are all excited to announce their upcoming smart glasses on September 9th, and it looks like this could be the first real glimpse of the social media giant’s long-awaited glasses.

Published by Ray Ban promotional page It has a silhouette of a pair of glasses with the date 09.09 2021 and the text “Subscribe now to get notified of your release.”

The brand does not specify whether this is news about the edition or the edition itself. But Ray-Ban’s homepage promises this story you might want to follow, a supposed reference to Facebook Stories.

The announcement coincides with some clear teaser videos from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the head of virtual and augmented reality, Andrew Bosworth.

The posts show videos from the viewpoint of Bosworth and Zuckerberg, including Bosworth playing golf and Zuckerberg rowing a boat.

And it all seems designed to highlight all-weather physical activity scenarios.

Developed in partnership with Ray-Ban parent company EssilorLuxottica, the social media giant has called its glasses a stepping stone towards full augmented reality glasses.

The company said last year that the glasses would launch in 2021. Zuckerberg confirmed in July that the glasses represent the company’s next launch of devices. This is despite the fact that a date was not announced at the time.

But specify that the glasses have the iconic shape of Ray-Ban, and let you do some pretty cool things.

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Facebook is excited to announce the smart glasses on September 9

The glasses are part of a larger initiative across Facebook to build glasses that augment the world, both visually and aurally.

But they won’t have features commonly associated with augmented reality glasses such as the ability to display images in the environment.

Instead, it will likely resemble one of the previous generations of Snap Spectacles. which evolved into a virtual prototype of augmented reality glasses.

It’s also possible that the company will save its neural wristband technology, which it sees as the future of augmented reality interaction, for a later version.

The company is working to develop more advanced prototypes for augmented reality. But it’s not expected to be seen for years now.

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