Facebook hides Zuckerberg and attacks its corruption revealer

A large set of internal Facebook files were leaked recently, and the leaker later revealed her identity as Frances Haugen, who was working as a project manager in the company.

The leaks included information confirming that Facebook tolerated the mental health of adolescents in exchange for promoting content that provokes users’ interaction, no matter how harmful. In addition to internal studies conducted by the company about the harm caused by the Instagram platform to its users.

Of course, the company has rejected these allegations outright. But it resorted to the worst possible means to deal with this issue. It hides Mark Zuckerberg from the image on the one hand, and defames Francis Haugen on the other.

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Experts say the strategy that Facebook used has never worked. And this is in light of the fact that US Senator Edward Markey has described Frances Haugen as “the American hero of the twenty-first century.” “And that the United States of America owes it a great deal of gratitude.”

In general, as mentioned above, the leaked files are real files from within the company. It illustrates the company’s perpetual preference for profit and growth over complacency on users’ personal health and the harm they may be exposed to, especially children and teens.

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Facebook attacks its corruption revealer

The company’s official statement read: “The Senate Commerce Subcommittee heard today from a former corporate project manager who worked for less than two years and had no significant powers. Nor did she receive any direct reports. Also, she never attended any important meeting.

The statement reveals Facebook’s attempt to disparage Haugen to the point of not revealing her name. Implicitly, the company described her as an insignificant employee who could not in the first place reveal corruption. It was also implied that she was not trustworthy even if she had documents to support her claims.

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The company also stated, “We don’t agree with the way it described some of the issues you talked about during the hearing.” Which means that the company believes that Haugen is lying about what you talked about.

Continuing with the statement, the company stated: “Despite all of this, we all agree that this is the perfect time to legislate new laws for the Internet as existing laws are 25 years old.”

Events, and especially the company’s statements, show us that Facebook has no evidence to counter what Haugen revealed. This is because if she had any evidence, she would have already revealed it. The company also preferred to attack and belittle Haugen.

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and stated Samidh Chakrabarti, a former civil safety team manager at Facebook, says Facebook’s claims are untrue. This is because he was a manager of the team that Frances was working on within the company.

Perhaps the absence of Mark Zuckerberg from the picture in this way has worsened the situation, as the sources described this situation as the company had “hid it” from view. This is because Mark Zuckerberg is the most important decision maker within the company, and is responsible in one way or another for these events.

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