Facebook had to post Facebook Files itself

Facebook has been subjected to a number of successive shocks in the recent period. It started with the leak of what is known as Facebook Files by an unknown person, and these files appeared in the Wall Street Journal, which is a reliable source.

These files discussed shocking facts about how the company treats teenagers. And the company’s Instagram platform was – according to leaks – releasing inappropriate content to children and teenagers. This is in addition to describing it as a toxic platform.

Later, the source of the leak was revealed, and she is a former project manager within the company. Also, Facebook published proof Comprehensive on teen and child mental health on Instagram.

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The Verge has reached out to a number of employees inside the company, and perhaps the best Facebook could have done was make Facebook Files available to all users as soon as the issue started, since it leaked anyway.

Perhaps one of the most important problems with this case is that Facebook has made the decision to hide these files from the public. And those files – which are estimated at tens of thousands – included the results of studies completed by the company itself and reached negative conclusions about the level of psychological damage caused by its platforms.

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Was on Facebook posted Facebook Files

This problem can be described as the company’s biggest problem since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In general, issues with users’ digital security and privacy are the last issues that a company like Facebook would like to face.

Perhaps the company’s release of Facebook files itself would have made the situation less harmful to the company. Because this would have expressed the company’s transparency and its actual desire to fix errors.

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To make matters worse, all the company’s products and services were suspended for up to six hours. Some may think that there is a relationship between the latter problem and the service interruption, but this is still unknown.

The company and its CEO will soon begin to face legal accountability and hearings in an effort to monitor the company’s movements. And do not forget that the leaked files have revealed mainly two things, the first is that Facebook cares about profit and growth as a priority, and on the other hand, it does not prevent hate speech or harm if it will affect profits.

In addition, the Facebook Files included information on things such as polarization, reluctance to take corona vaccines, the negative impact on teens’ self-confidence, and more.

The company’s platforms have changed their algorithms more than once during the recent period to maximize visits and interaction levels, because no social media platform can achieve profit or growth without high levels of interaction.

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