Facebook enters the field of fantasy sports

Facebook wants to enter the field of predictive games that are similar to fantasy sports, where Launched The social media giant will feature Fantasy Games in the US and Canada with popular free and simple sports and culture prediction titles.

Some of the games are described as simpler versions of the traditional fantasy sports on the market.

And the Fantasy Games feature lets you guess what’s going on in sports and TV shows. The new games are rolling out first via iOS and Android apps to users in the United States and Canada.

Pick & Play Sports is the first game available, in partnership with Whistle Sports, where fans get points for correctly predicting the winner of a big match, points scored by a top player or other events that unfold during the match.

Players can also earn bonus points for building a series of correct predictions over several days.

In the coming months, the company plans to release additional games for TV shows like The Bachelorette and Survivor, sports leagues like Major League Baseball, and others made by BuzzFeed.

MLB Home Run Picks ask you to predict the team that scored the most home runs on a given day, for example. As La Liga Winning Streak challenges you to predict daily victories in the Spanish Football League for as long as possible.

And you can also guess the winners of reality TV shows like Survivor and The Bachelorette. And there are promises of other pop culture games. This is despite the fact that the company did not mention examples.

The games have general leaderboards. But the user can also create a league with friends to compete with each other or against other fans, either publicly or privately.

League members can compare scores with each other. And they have a place where they can share choices, feedback, and comments.

You find games through the bookmarks list as well as through notifications in your news feed.

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Facebook enters the field of fantasy sports

It is clear that Facebook is not currently interested in competing with fantasy gaming services for money such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

However, there are still plenty of incentives for the social network to launch fantasy games. This feature can keep you coming back, which increases ad revenue as well as your overall interaction with Facebook. It also opens the door to paid fantasy games of the future.

The company has been expanding more into games lately in an effort to keep people using its services. It launched a web app for its cloud gaming service in July to get around the rules of the Apple App Store and let iOS users try it out.

It also offers a Twitch-like streaming service called Facebook Gaming. These new fantasy games offer something different from traditional game shows. But maybe it is better suited to the social network.

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