Facebook corruption is exposed while it is at its weakest

The recent period has been very difficult for Facebook. Where the problems began with the leaking of dangerous files from the company in an issue known as Facebook Files, all the way to the complete suspension of all the company’s services for more than six hours.

The leak of internal company files continued via The Wall Street Journal for several days. Before revealing her identity, the “corruption whistleblower” was Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager on the Civil Safety team.

Those files revealed how Facebook deals with the harm its products can cause to users. She confirmed that the company already knows, according to studies, that the Instagram network is a toxic and harmful network for teenagers, and for girls in particular.

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Besides, the leaks revealed the fact that Facebook could do anything in return for maintaining its own growth and profit levels. The company preferred these factors to maintaining the digital security and psychological safety of users.

Frances Haugen succeeded in leaking a large number of confidential files before leaving the company last April. This includes the company’s algorithms to display content that engages users even if it is malicious content. Up to the studies conducted by Facebook and then kept confidential due to its negative results.

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Facebook corruption exposed

Senator Amy Klobuchar made it clear that in Haugen’s hearing, she is focusing on a specific issue, which is how Facebook can profit from its leniency in the digital security of children and teens in particular.

Haugen has previously stated that the US company is completely focused on making profits, even if it is forced to display harmful content to children and teens. This is because the platform relies on the levels of interaction between users as a key element of users’ sustainability.

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It is expected that the company will be subject to legal penalties in the coming period, and that official cases and interrogation sessions for those responsible for these problems will begin. Note that the US Congress has clarified its plans to complete the investigation into Haugen’s statements on the one hand, and penalize Facebook on the other.

Movements began to appear on the part of the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States of America. All indications indicate that the company will face major problems in the coming period, especially because the documents leaked by Haugen are official documents from within the company.

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All of this is taking place in light of the recent issue that centered on the WhatsApp application and how it undermines the privacy of users. In addition, the Instagram platform has not escaped the recent accusations that the platform harms teenagers and young adults and focuses on interesting content rather than artistic or educational content.

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