Facebook allows celebrities to avoid censorship

Facebook maintains an extensive program that excludes athletes, politicians, and other high-profile users from normal moderation, According For The Wall Street Journal.

Mark Zuckerberg has publicly stated that the company allows more than three billion users to speak on an equal footing with the elites of politics, culture and the press.

He added that the standards of behavior apply to everyone, regardless of status or fame. But in private, the company created a system that exempted high-profile users from some or all of its rules.

The program aims to stop PR problems due to photos, posts and other content from high profile users that should have been deleted.

The software allows these users to break the rules in ways that will cause problems for most people, according to the report.

Known as XCheck, the software is ostensibly intended to provide additional quality control over moderation when it comes to high profile users.

Posts from users tagged for XCheck are meant to be directed to a group of moderators who are better trained to ensure that Facebook’s rules are properly applied.

But the program reportedly protected 5.8 million people as of 2020. 10 percent of posts that appeared via XCheck were reviewed, according to a document seen by the newspaper.

Notable users protected by the program include former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Elizabeth Warren, and Candice Owens. The report says that users usually do not realize that they are receiving special treatment.

The platform told the newspaper that criticism of XCheck is justified. The system aims to accurately apply policies to content that may require further understanding. we set XCheck issues and we are working to address them.

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Facebook allows celebrities to avoid censorship

Andy Stone, Facebook’s director of policy communications, later responded to the newspaper’s story via Twitter. He said that the system was detected in the past via post In 2018, the company clarifies that it has a system in place to provide a second layer of auditing for outstanding accounts.

The company has a long and detailed set of supervision policies. But it has always been clear that these policies are enforced at its discretion, with major names or questionable content often given leeway when removal causes problems for the company.

From the newspaper’s report, it is clear that in some cases, Facebook’s system helps keep some of these posts online.

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