Facebook Adds Co-Broadcasting to Facebook Gaming

she added Facebook has co-streamed to Facebook Gaming, a useful feature that Twitch competition has lacked since its launch in 2018.

Additionally, while the Twitch version of the co-streaming feature – Squad Stream Requires you to be a Twitch partner, Facebook makes co-streaming available to everyone.

Games have always been better together, the company explains. So we’re excited to announce the launch of the Facebook Gaming co-stream for all of our video game makers. Based on community feedback, we’ve heard that co-streaming can greatly improve the creator’s live streaming experience.

“Through co-streaming, we aim to increase the discoverability of content creators, encourage collaboration between creators, and elevate the overall viewing experience,” she added.

The feature allows users to collaborate with and broadcast with one another, with viewers able to move between shared broadcasts and choose the perspective from which they want to see the action.

The feature was previously available to broadcast makers in the Service Partners Program. But it is now seeing a wider release. The feature is currently limited to four participants in a broadcast at a time.

In short, broadcasting the same game alongside another person is mutually beneficial. Initiating a broadcast includes tagging up to three other creators during broadcast setup or after a live broadcast from the Live Producer left bar.

Besides being a way to introduce creators to each other and their audiences, cross-streams also allow viewers to see the same game from different perspectives.

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All Facebook Game Makers Can Share Now

Both Twitch and Facebook Gaming’s viewership has boomed during the pandemic. With Facebook Gaming increasing 82 percent annually in terms of hours watched.

Adding co-streams and not requiring live streamers during the time-consuming process of becoming a partner can help make the Facebook gaming platform grow more attractive.

Facebook Gaming is slowly increasing its capabilities. This is because it aims to capture a larger slice of the game streaming duopoly that is currently dominated by YouTube Gaming from Google and Twitch from Amazon.

And the service was able to approach the growth of YouTube Gaming. But it’s still far from Twitch in terms of broadcast hours and watch hours.

A big part of Facebook Gaming’s strategy was to build a large partner program of content creators. With a close relationship with the company to test and provide feedback on new programs such as cross-broadcasting.

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