Extract text from photos in iOS 15

The feature of extracting text from images is one of the most important new features in iOS 15, as this feature provides the ability to download and replace any external applications.

And Apple allows you to recognize the text written in any image inside the device or an image taken through the phone’s camera.

And you can treat the text extracted from the image as if it was written via the keyboard.

This means that you can translate or copy and paste this text anywhere you wish.

The technology also recognizes handwritten text, so it’s a very useful feature.

This technology also works across iPads and Apple’s new iPadOS 15 system, through the Camera app and the Photos app.

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Extract text from photos in iOS 15

You can access this feature in two ways in iOS 15, either through Apple’s Photos app or the Camera app.

The feature works in the two apps in a slightly similar way, where you need to go to the app and look for the button to extract text from images.

And you find its button at the bottom of the screen, and when you click on it, a selection box appears in front of you.

And then start moving the lens and bringing it close to the text until the box appears above the text you want to recognize.

And then you can select the text and treat it like any usual text on your phone, where you can access the text and paste options by pressing and holding the selection button.

And if you want to use this feature via the Photos app, in order to extract text from images on the Internet or screenshots, you can follow these steps:

Head over to the regular Photos app, and then tap on the Extract text from photos tab.

This feature identifies all the texts in the image in front of you, and you find it allows the texts to be selected.

Then click on the text to select it and copy or paste the text or search for its translation and so on.

The quality of text recognition and extraction may vary according to the quality and clarity of the font, especially if the writing is manual.

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