Ex-PlayStation chief Shawn Layden quit due to overwork

Shawn Layden finally spoke about why he’s leaving Sony and stepping down as the head of PlayStation, nearly two years after that happened in September 2019.

He's also concerned about the unsustainable cost of AAA video game development.

Layden spent up to 32 years with the famous company, but it was not disclosed at the time about the reason for the sudden departure, but he stated today in his meeting with Bloomberg About his withdrawal because of his fear of getting into a state of extreme fatigue from work and in order to put the final point on a good journey with the company at the appropriate time, as he put it. Where, in his opinion, is the time for a new person to enter the platform with the launch of a new generation in the market.

In other statements during the interview, Layden expressed his concern about the high costs of large-budget AAA games, as it seems that they are increasing by weakness with each new generation of PlayStation, and that the PS4 games that he contributed to creating and producing cost about $100 million, and therefore he expects costs to reach The development of PS5 games to $ 200 million, and this will be reflected in the final price of the game in the market, and in his opinion also, if companies cannot find a solution to this increasing cost, all they can do is reduce the risks of investing in such huge sums of money, which may lead them to think more about developing parts A new game that has already proven successful.

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