Everything you need to know about the Facebook Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Facebook does not hesitate to quote other companies’ ideas and products. She may have repeated this more than once with Snapchat. It quoted the idea of ​​stories that disappear after 24 hours, as well as the idea of ​​adding augmented reality features within its applications.

Facebook has also borrowed some of the goals from Snapchat. As the company started marketing itself as a camera company. This came to light in 2016 when Mark Zuckerberg confirmed his company’s interest in cameras, stating that the camera would be the primary means of content sharing.

As for Facebook’s smart glasses, it closely mimics Snapchat’s Snap Spectacles. It bears the official name Ray-Ban Stories, and in general, the Ray-Ban brand has been at the forefront of all advertisements related to the new glasses, which hinted that it had the greatest influence in preparing this product.

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Ray-Ban Stories is Facebook’s first smart product for all users. Unlike virtual reality glasses from its sub-brand Oculus. Contrary to what many expected, the new glasses do not support virtual reality.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses

The new glasses are sold at a price of $ 299, and there is no doubt that it is a very attractive price for all users. Especially since they are Ray-Ban’s first and last glasses, so they’re somewhat fancy.

Facebook’s glasses are traditional in shape. They carry the same design as Rey-Ban Wayfarers sunglasses and weigh just 49.3g, just 5g heavier than conventional Wayfarers.

The only difference is in the length of the arms of the glasses. This is where they are slightly longer than conventional glasses. This is to provide space to contain the sensors needed to make the glasses, of course.

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Specifications and features

The body of the glasses – specifically the arm – provides access to the power button and the shutter button. In addition, there are two small speakers for listening to music, as well as a touchable area. The glasses rely on two 5-megapixel cameras, along with an LED indicator that lights up while the cameras are working, in order for others to know that the user is taking a photo or video.

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In addition, the glasses contain three microphones to take pictures while shooting videos. Pictures are taken through the glasses just by pressing and holding the shutter button. While a quick press of the same button will allow a short 30-second video to be captured.

The imaging features can be controlled via voice commands. Which the user can start directing after saying “Hey, Facebook”. The quality of the videos is quite acceptable, while the resolution of the photos is 2,592 * 1,944. All photos and videos are transferred to the Facebook app and can be viewed through it.

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Through the application, the user can share content directly to his accounts on Facebook and Instagram, or transfer it to the phone gallery itself, and then use it on any other platform.

As for the battery of the glasses, it is very good. It works up to six hours of “moderate” use, as described by Ray-Ban and Facebook. Which includes playing music for one hour, taking ten photos and ten videos and transferring them to the app. And half an hour of calls. The glasses are shipped through their own case.

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