Everything we know about the Dead Space remake according to the game’s latest devs broadcast

During the EA Play Live 2021 conference, EA surprisingly officially announced the Dead Space remake Through a short teaser clip, it was announced that the EA Motive team had taken over the development of the entire game with the Frostbite engine, but since this time the game has been largely cut off and we are getting rumors here and there.

But today, during a live broadcast, the EA Motive development team gave us a bigger look at the development process of the Dead Space remake, including a look at the graphical improvements, combat, special tweaks, and even returning voice actor “Junner Wright” to play the game’s hero, Lesbian Clark, in terms of voice performance. . Below is everything we know about the game in the details that the development team shared with us during the broadcast.

Here is a graphic comparison of the remake with the original version of the game

The first thing that the developers shared with us during the broadcast is how good the remake is graphically, and how this new version of Dead Space is formed, with the developer’s confirmation that this is a very early look from the game so that it can be said that it is a glimpse of the game in pre-production and not Even close at all.

But even during this early look of the game, the Dead Space remake looks amazing, although the different game environments are like the original version of the game for sure, but there are more details that will improve the presentation of these environments and show them more, whether the texture and add greater details on the The world of the game, through the lighting, the design of the characters, and their improvement in more details, features, and more other improvements that the game will witness graphically, and this we saw during a very brief moment during the scene of “Isaac” walking in the hallway, which you see below.

New fighting mechanism and snatching meat from enemies

As everyone knows, the main combat mechanism in Dead Space includes dismembering enemies and their limbs one by one, and this will remain the same in the remake version, but EA Motive Studio added a new combat and damage mechanism called Peeling that allows you to extract or peel the flesh of enemies from above their bones as Clarke can flesh out Necromorph monsters and see their bones inside or even their skulls, and there are weapons that use this system better while other weapons rip limbs completely apart.

Isaac’s voice actor will return with the remake

Despite the silence of “Isaac” in the first part of the game Dead Space and his only screaming, the actor “Gunner Wright”, who embodied the character in terms of voice performance in the second and third parts, will return during the remake. Gunner will return to voice Isaac, but don’t expect him to suddenly become a gossip.

Instead, Isaac’s remake would be out of necessity and according to EA Motive studio rules, which indicated that Isaac would only speak when spoken to, and would sometimes speak in a situation where he would feel strange if he remained silent.

Credit: EA Motive

Dead Space remake will not contain system purchases/ Microtransactions

The developers have once again confirmed that there will be no purchases during the Dead Space remake of What EA Motive confirmed to us before during its interview with our global network IGN after the official announcement of the remake.And, as an important thing, the studio returned during the broadcast to confirm that the remake version will not contain a purchase system at all.

The Dead Space remake is in a very early stage of development and production as we mentioned, which means that it will likely take a lot of time before the game is finally released, and that’s everything the developer wanted us to know about the remake so far.

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