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This is a no-frills pre-review of the Marvel’s Eternals movie. Which will be released on November 5, 2021.

that Eternals A vast film, spanning vast landscapes, multiple centuries of time, and just about anything that comes to mind. Directed by Chloe Zhao, Immortals dances through timelines and alliances seamlessly. But despite this charming range of everything the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer, it falls victim to exaggeration in some areas. The depth of the story is coupled with the massive, expansive landscapes that Gao is known for, but when you focus on such a massive and sweeping story that spans a really long movie, the breathtaking yet extraordinarily long landscape shots can turn a bit boring.

The film tells the story of 10 immortal creatures throughout Earth’s history as they fight to protect the planet from the… Deviants (They are huge and deadly creatures for those who do not know them). Cersei, Icris, Kingo, Sprite, Fastus, Macri, Dorig, Thena, and Gilgamesh follow their leader Ajak on a mission to serve Archim Celestial. enjoy every Eternal With a unique set of powers, and as you can imagine, they each also live their own personal drama within their small, complex family. While not everyone gets the same amount of screen time, you can imagine the length of this movie just by looking at the size of the main cast. It’s joked that the team was the original Avengers a few times in the movie, which helps a bit to understand the broad scope the story is trying to achieve. The team of immortals may be intertwined in such a way that we can’t really tell their origins individually, but imagine watching the first movie Avengers Without a predefined team. This is the crazy job that has been assigned to Zhao.

In general, it succeeds in rising to the level of this challenge. We get to understand the moods and motivations of each of the ten heroes well while not blowing the story too far. But if there’s one aspect where the dynamic team relationship fails, it’s a question of the immortality of everything. Grave sins are committed all the time, and everyone seems to forgive and forget quickly. This is more likely to depict grudges becoming boring after living for centuries, but it makes the emotional impact of their inner conflict less.

We spend a lot of film time with Cersei (Jimma Chan), Sprite (Lea McCue), and Ioris (Richard Madden), and the rest of the film is balanced between the characters in the movie. Eternals remaining. This is the most diverse cast in Marvel Studios history. This fact is exciting in itself, but one of the most fun aspects of the movie is that you can be in a room full of ten people and they can each choose a different favorite member of the team either in terms of character or performance, with each of the heroes having their own unique qualities. My favorite character was Thena (Angelina Jolie), but my choice could easily have gone to Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-seok) or Kingo (Kumile Nanjiani) too.

The success of the film can be attributed to Eternals Almost entirely down to the great performance and the special relationships between the characters. Their struggle and their intricate connections to the human race present a very interesting topic. But the wide range of galactic themes soon falters in the story. As soon as things go beyond the issue of Deviants It becomes a cosmic struggle, the story becomes burdened. The problem is that Zhao had no chance of succeeding here in the first place. Perhaps if some of the director’s huge landscapes were removed it would have given her enough time to hook us up with those characters and give us the great Marvel movie ending. Conversely, if their story were split into two films, the first film would be considered incomplete (not to mention the three-year gap that would have followed due to the extensive MCC movie slate).

After all, these complex deities seem more human than most Marvel heroes. Maybe it’s because the team is diverse, or their relationships are too messy. Either way, humanity has a real impact here. Karon (Harish Patel), the director of Kingo, and the person we spend most of the time with in the movie, are so mesmerizing because they’re imperfect in the same ways that humanity is imperfect. And also because it’s incredibly brilliant and one of the brightest spots in a movieEternalsBut this is in addition to the main point.

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– Translated by Dima Muhanna

The Eternals is a massive movie, bringing together centuries-old stories and an entire cast of vastly different heroes into a visually stunning film with brilliant acting. The complex relationships between these characters maintain a whiff of freshness, but the story becomes burdensome as it shifts to a cosmic scale. If the movie had kept a narrower storyline, it would have succeeded more as a standalone movie, but it wouldn’t have felt like the great introduction of the Eternals to the MCU had it done so. Director Chloe Zhao faced an impossible challenge and tackled it with the splendor, skill, and mesmerizing landscapes for which she is known.

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