Epic Games is interested in making a Fortnite movie

pointing report from The Information Epic Games is interested in making a movie about the game Fortnite as part of a plan to expand the company’s production and open a new section of entertainment to expand its fields.

It is said to be part of the studio's ideas for a new entertainment division.

It seems that this new department within the company will be responsible for the production and release of the film and other video content, and the report notes that former Lucasfilm employees have joined Epic who will likely oversee the contents of this department, including Jason McGatlin, the company’s current director of special projects, who He was Vice President of Physical Production at Lucasfilm.

So far, there is no official comment from Epic Games on the matter, but such a move does not seem strange given the great diversity of ideas that the company has put forward within Fortnite from concerts and others.

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