Endwalker will receive a mode very reminiscent of Stardew Valley

Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida has revealed a new mode that will come with the Endwalker expansion, but not on the day of its release, but rather in the post-launch period.

A new relaxing social mode is coming to Final Fantasy 14 after Endwalker.

In this new phase, we will get a different gaming experience, and apparently according to his statements during our interview, the phase most likely bears the name Island Sanctuary and its idea revolves around reviving a deserted island and overseeing it completely, with gameplay factors such as building objects and mechanisms reminiscent of the Stardew Valley farming village management game .

Yoshida explains in his statements to our network that caring for the village and its nests is not obligatory, but you have the freedom to decide so that you do not feel the tension of commitment, this experience aims to relax and invite friends to chat.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no other information about this new experiment.

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