Elden Ring gets a new teaser image

After a long absence, Elden Ring finally appeared during the Summer Game Fest and we got its first gameplay presentation, and since that time we started getting details and information about the game, whether talking about the storytelling style or even the gameplay. And here we are getting a new teaser for the game that excites us about one of the most important features of the Souls games, which is the multiplayer experience.

Martin was key to the foundation of the story, the game's bosses, and much more.

Where the development team FromSoftware, through the official game account on the “Twitter” site, shared with us a new image of the Elden Ring game, revealing the experience of team play, and the ability to invite your friends or other players over the network in order to go through this experience full of challenges and difficulties, whether while facing natural enemies Or even challenging bosses like other studio games.

Elden Ring will be officially released on January 21, 2022 on home consoles and PC.

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