Elden Ring aims to attract a larger audience than the Dark Souls series

After a long absence, Elden Ring finally appeared during the Summer Game Fest and we got its first gameplay presentation, and since that time we started getting details about the game, whether talking about its world, storytelling style, and even talking about its open world, and it seems And that the FromSoftware team places great hopes on this project, which is the most ambitious of the Japanese team.

where it happened Hervé Hoerdt is Senior Vice President of Digital and Marketing at Bandai Namco with GamesIndusty.Elden Ring has high hopes, and FromSoftware’s goal is to attract a larger audience than even the Dark Souls series, Hoerdt stated:

With Dark Souls, the series has gone from a certain audience in the beginning to a wide range of fans, but with Elden Ring it aims to bring a larger audience, especially since it is a very big experience for us, and it is a very big project also for FromSoftware studio, and we work closely With the development team in Japan, we even have three people dedicated to franchising across Europe.

He added:

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have a strong desire to expand the audience base, so we have big ambitions for Elden Ring, and I feel that what we create will delight a lot of people, which is the most important thing. This is what we want, we are not just entrepreneurs, we want to offer something fun and unique that will satisfy millions of people.

It is reported that Elden Ring will be officially released on January 21, 2022 across home devices and PC.

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