eFootball 2022 Review

During our review of the game eFootball PES 2020, which is the last actual parts that Konami presented to us in the famous PES series, we mentioned that what the Japanese company presented during this part was a new step on the right path, and that the game began to witness signs of hope to be reintroduced in a manner appropriate to the fame and success The series in its glory years. With Konami’s decision last year to offer the eFootball PES 2021 Season Update and the PES 2020 version with some minor changes, in order to focus on the 2022 version, which will be available for the first time on new generation devices, hopes began to rise to the sky, and many fans of the successful series began to dream The glory days are back again, but what a disappointment.

Konami initially decided to reintroduce the PES brand again in a different way until it completely hid the PES brand, and the series is now known as eFootball, and eFootball 2022 is the first part of this new series, which is available free of charge through home devices, and is treated as a service game Every few months, you get updates and new content.

All of the above can be promising changes, and Konami wants to enter the new generation with a new look that suits the requirements of the market, especially with the increase in sports and football fans in particular recently, with the arrival of our Arab players to the world. But when eFootball 2022 was launched, the disappointment was unmatched, and Konami did not invest in the step it took with the eFootball PES 2020, but it took a thousand steps back in a very strange, and sad way for fans of the ancient PES series.

With the official launch of the game across home devices and PC, we will take you on a quick tour “especially since there is nothing to talk about”, the game is as if it was available in a “demo” format, there are a few teams available to try and one game mode which is Kick-off both online with other players , or even with AI and your friends across the same platform. But our review will always be “working” even with the release of all its contents in the coming months. Talking about the game and even our evaluation will be about what we have found from the game so far. It was really worth it. Now let’s go ahead and see what Konami has brought us with eFootball 2022.

Gameplay, the only bright spot in the Black Sea

The gameplay offered by the PES series in the past has always been one of its features, and it was the theme or the golden star of the series, especially with Konami losing licenses one after another in favor of its rival FIFA, whether tournaments or even major teams and leagues, but the series was making up for all these losses and losses. By providing fast, easy and fun gameplay, especially while playing against your friends or brothers, and fortunately for us and we thank God that this is the only feature, and the only bright spot in the Black Sea with this year’s version. The company was able to offer ideas and additions to significantly improve the gameplay experience from previous versions, so that the gameplay became a little more enjoyable, but it did not help at all, overlooking the rest of the disasters that the game witnessed.

With eFootball 2022, Konami decided to rely heavily on realism, starting with the various skills that the company added, improving passes, and adding new ideas that help players highlight their football skills, not just passing and scoring goals. eFootball 2022 introduces a new system called Control Ball Touch, which allows you to control the ball more between the legs of your players via the RT and LT buttons. It provided shooting sessions for many players with skills in controlling the ball and executing skills in a flexible way, which is a fun thing that you can use in order to escape from the opponent’s defenders, especially if you have a defensive bloc within the opponent’s team, this feature can make you pass the defenders easily to score goals ” You can imagine yourself as Captain Majid, “running away from the defenders and taking a falcon shot in his right hand.”

Since we are talking about skills, the game also introduced a new feature that we did not see in the old PES series, which is the 1 vs 1 duels system, which is the feature or technology that depends on it to a large extent, where you put the defender in front of the attacker as if you are playing a game of chess and seek to attack and try to escape from Defenders and the new defense system introduced by the game in its new form, and this duels feature gave us epic moments during the gameplay, especially if you are facing an opponent who is good at moving his players well in order to fill his defensive gaps, you will have to implement the skills and try to find the opportunity to penetrate between the opponent’s defenders.

The defense system or defenders has been greatly improved, just as it improved the guard system and their brilliance during the last two versions of the PES series, the company decided to also improve the defense system, and borrow the feature of imposing the body, especially from defenders with strong physiques, they will be able to use their physique in order to kidnap The balls are from the legs of the attackers, which is similar to what exists in FIFA and its new defense system that we witnessed in the FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 parts. As for the guards during this part, he did not witness any changes from the previous part, especially since he did not need to obtain any additions, as he was at the height of his brilliance during The last two copies.

AndDespite the improvements and additions that the gameplay has seen, it was not enough at all, there are flaws from the slow players and their strange movements on the field, even during passing and shooting you feel as if you are in space and gravity is pressing on your players’ body and moving them with a slow and incomprehensible weight at all, and if it weren’t for Ball control and skill system We would have felt both in this game.

The refereeing is even worse than before. During our review of last year’s edition, we mentioned that it was the only component that didn’t see any changes, and it was disrupting attacks a lot of the time and it was one of the annoying things we faced during the gaming experience, and it continues to annoy us as well during this year’s release but Instead of blocking the attacks, this time he became sidelined as if he didn’t exist, you can block the opponent hard and you won’t even get a foul!!

The game offers you, as usual, a set of tactics that you can implement to provide the football you want, which is the main goal of any football game or even a sports game in the world, but with eFootball 2022 there is no importance to it, you attacked in the style of building from behind or controlling the ball and transporting Slow, playing long balls, these tactics will not affect the course of the game in the first place, and you will find yourself passing here and practicing your skills here until you can score goals in vain, especially with the slow movements of the players and the pace of the game in general.

Eccentric graphics, 90’s-like animation

One of the most important advantages of the PES series in recent years other than the gameplay, was the graphics element, whether the graphics, design and movements of the players as well, or even the stadiums and the fans that were interacting during the gameplay, but with this year’s release, Konami’s decision to change their famous Fox Engine to Unreal Engine 4 It was a slap in the face for all of us, although Unreal Engine 4 provided us with impressive graphics in many famous titles, but here Konami did not make good use of its capabilities, and provided us with graphics and animation that we no longer know.

The question that certainly arises in your mind now is, are the graphics of the game, as we have seen with pictures and clips taken by players during the past days? The answer is easy and logical, yes it is indeed, but it is not in all cases. The graphics of the game were good at times and you find attention to some simple details of the players’ hair or even their physical body, and even the details of the stadiums that have been included largely as if you are in a real stadium, but the disastrous is the design of the body Or the players’ face that was comical and not true at all, as you see above, is this the look or features of “Cristiano Ronaldo”? of course not.

The matter did not stop at this point in particular, but even the strange movements of the players, so you find the player’s arm is even longer than him at times!, and if you block one of them, you will actually find it disappearing under the grass of the field like the pictures that spread through the network in the past days. And all of these catastrophes can be tolerated again, “although it is difficult to do this”, but the appearance of the masses and their frightening and strange determination is the thing that cannot be tolerated at all. By God, is this normal?

If you can overlook the awful bad graphics and animation we’ve seen throughout this segment, can the lack of content in the game be overlooked? The game, as I mentioned in the introduction, was issued as a demo version with a variety of teams around the world, and not only that, but the game offers only one style of play, which is Kick-off, either by playing against your friends and brothers via the same device, or the experience of playing against artificial intelligence, and even playing against other players over the network. But other than that, there are no other content or game modes for you to try.

The game was released in this form as a demo as I mentioned, which is the only element that could have helped avoid the disasters in the game, by providing different experiences that can distract players from what we mentioned above, but instead Konami decided to divide the game content in the form of updates It will be available over the coming months, as announced by its support map, which is a 100% wrong decision by the Japanese company.


eFootball 2022 could have built on the strong additions it got in the past few years, whether in terms of gameplay or even in the graphics and animation part, and combined these features with the idea of ​​presenting this year’s edition in its new form and as a free service game to offer a real competition with a series FIFA, but that’s what Konami hasn’t done at all. Unlike the gameplay, which, as I mentioned, is the only bright spot in the game, its performance, especially on the Xbox Series X platform, was not in the best condition, whether the game slow or even the catastrophic animation that Konami presented to us under everyone’s eyes, although it uses one of the most famous development engines, Unreal Engine 4. .

The strange element is also the content of the game, which focuses only on Kick-off matches, whether local play or even online play, as if you are already in front of the demo version, there is no content that you can spend with the game, all you will do will enter a two-game match and close the game, and perhaps By deleting them quickly, as we do with demo copies when trying their content.

We really hope that in the next few months Konami will reconsider what they did to the popular and beloved series, provide the real support the game needs, which they promised us even in the past days, and provide more content and updates to the game’s graphics and animation performance.

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