Editor Simon Hughes disqualified from The Cricketer for ‘soft streak of racism’

Editor Simon Hughes has been disqualified by The Cricketer for ‘the soft streak of racism’ after the former Middlesex player compared the use of a P**i with being insulted by his teammates for being bald on a podcast in the scandalous Great Buddy

  • Simon Hughes upset staff with his comments on The Great Buddy case
  • The magazine’s owners chose not to renew his contract after a backlash
  • He has worked there for seven years as well as doing weekly podcasts

Former Middlesex bowler Simon Hughes fired from editor position cricket player Magazine after her appearance for taking Lynn’s stand on racism.

The presenter and author is understood to have upset fellow staff members with his comments in a recent podcast about the case of The Great Buddy, in which he suggested that Gary Balance describe his former Yorkshire co-worker as a “P**i” through context, and that calling out names in the locker room could Sorry it was a joke.

Hughes’ remarks in the November 5 podcast, in which he compared the use of the P-word to being insulted by teammates for being bald during his playing career, sparked a backlash on social media and led to an internal review in cricket player.

Simon Hughes (above) has been fired as editor of The Cricketer

Sportsmail I learned that the magazine’s owners chose not to renew Hughes’ contract as a result – with the issue being released today as the editor of the prestigious 100-year title.

Hughes is thought to be sad to leave after seven years, but privately admitted that he could have chosen his words more carefully in the podcast, where he also stated that the use of the P-word is completely unacceptable.

He has championed the cause for greater diversity in cricket during his time at the magazine, and released a special issue on the Black Lives Matter movement last year.

Hughes worked there for seven years as well as presenting the weekly podcast, The Analyst Inside Cricket, referring to his previous radio work analyzing the game for Channel 4.

The 61-year-old’s views also sparked controversy last summer when he criticized the European Central Bank’s decision to suspend Ole Robinson from the England Test team after historic racist tweets surfaced, which Hughes described as a “totally overreaction” and “media lynching.”

Hughes delivered a much stronger condemnation of racism in his latest podcast this week which included an interview with former English bowler Dean Headley.

The episode began with its presenter offering an emotional acceptance that the sport needs to do more to combat discrimination and bigotry.

Hughes sparked a backlash with comments in a recent podcast about the case of Great Buddy

Hughes sparked a backlash with comments in a recent podcast about the case of Great Buddy


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