EA is considering changing the name of the FIFA series of games

EA has officially stated in a press release about the launch of FIFA 22 that it is considering changing the name of the entire series.

It seems that the idea of ​​changing the name itself is still at the center of discussion and study so far and has not been moved to a serious stage that may cause official decisions, but it is interesting that the company has already started calling the series “EA Sports Football Games” without using the FIFA label.

FIFA to be kicked out of touch?

The company clarified in the same press release that this idea does not address changing the licenses and agreements it has concluded in relation to its football sports, but the company is currently discussing with the International Football Association “FIFA” its legal possibilities to change the name of the series.

Unfortunately, the company did not say why such an idea was originally interested in, or what the new names were proposed, and in any case, if new titles were actually announced for the series, FIFA 22 would be the last title for these games in their current state.

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