Dyson designs a robotic vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs

Dyson is working on designs for a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean stairs and open drawers, according to patents.

Dyson is renowned for being an innovative company, whose developments in vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and even hair dryers have made a huge impact in their markets.

show patent invention The British publication this week published a series of separate designs that include devices that can climb stairs and clean, and robotic arms capable of holding cups and opening drawers simultaneously.

The company’s robotics unit, which has spent 16 years developing a self-driving vacuum cleaner, is developing a robot that can interact with household appliances.

It is not clear if the project is still ongoing. A hardware company often works on a variety of projects that do not reach final production.

Dyson often works on projects outside her usual scope. The company has applied for patents for everything from a dental appliance (also known as a toothbrush) to an air purifier and a headset.

As indicated in the patent filing, the climbing mechanisms are installed on both sides of the main frame and the attached frame. The bottom plate is installed below the center of the main frame, and a baffle is attached to the rear end of the bottom plate in a hinged position.

When the robot goes upstairs or downstairs, the robot and the stair-climbing device meet and the barrier drops to the floor. The robot climbs on top of the bottom plate through the barrier, and then the barrier turns over and stands up to keep the robot in. After ascending or descending, the barrier is lowered to the ground, and the robot crawls through the barrier to the ground.

A Dyson spokesperson said: ‘We have filed a lot of patents. But we never comment on what technologies we may or may not release in the future. Companies file many patents that may never result in a consumer product.

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Dyson designs a robotic vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs

Robot vacuum cleaners have become more and more prevalent in recent years, allowing more people to clean their homes on a regular schedule without requiring any input.

Mobility has always been an issue for these robots. Some earlier models struggled to work across the carpet or across the edge of the carpet.

Robotic stair-climbing vacuums could create a much wider market and go a long way in standardizing self-driving cleaning devices on a larger scale.

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